Sunday, July 19, 2009


Sort of like wolfareems, but with more of a penchant for the pure and virginal. Anyway... this is an inexcusably shitty webcam photo of a shirt that I'm in the middle of painting... with a UMICORM! Oh, joy and whatnot! (Cue puppies and rainbows and bunnies and glitter and stuff.)

Using Tulip "Slick" black fabric paint thinned with water; currently undecided if I'll use the paint as sort of a wash later, or if I should leave it as mostly a line drawing. We shall see. The back and bottom hem of the shirt have a bunch of cutouts, and the sleeves are sliced and may be beaded at a future date. It'll be epic. Seriously. Wait for it.

And it can be biffles with my unicorn shoes. Maybe I'll draw those bitches if they ever show up. Come onnnn, UPS man. I know that pure and virginal is a requirement for unicorn entrapment, but the delivery service doesn't have such standards... right??

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